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*BLOG TOUR* The Weekend – L.H. Stacey ★★★★

Blurb; That Lake. This house. His friends. They all know what happened to my boy. I know they do. And you… you have to help me find the truth…

A weekend to remember…

Ten years ago, deeply in love, I would have done anything for Thomas Kirkwood.

But on the night of our graduation, fuelled by drink and drugs, Thomas’s lifeless body was found floating in the Kirkwood family lake. That weekend changed everything, and I swore I would never return to Kirkwood manor.

A weekend to forget…

Now, ten years later, I have been invited back to the place that holds such terrible memories for me, to a memorial weekend for Thomas, organised by his still-grieving mother Ada.

But this is no ordinary weekend. This is a reunion to catch a killer…and I fear that I could be top of Ada’s list….

My Review; This was such a gripping read. It is a story about Thomas’s death in the past but also a reunion set in the present, where everyone comes back for a memorial but with a twist. It’s not a memorial I’d want to attend. Who killed Thomas? With tensions high and more deaths ahead, what is going on at this Manor? The story flicks from the past (ten years before) and the present, and it really is a who dunnit story until the final pages. The main character, Lizzie, was Thomas’s ex, and it seems not many people like her, but one person still does… Thomas’s brother William. With everyone under a spotlight, including the staff, will they find the killer? With family secrets uncovered along the way, this is a tense, fast-paced, and deadly read. It kept me guessing, and it wasn’t who I thought it was. Highly recommend. Enjoyed this one. A well-deserved four stars.

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