chick-lit · Young adult

Friends Like These – Meg Rosoff ★★★★

Blurb; New York City. June, 1982. When eighteen-year-old Beth arrives in Manhattan for a prestigious journalism internship, everything feels brand new – and not always in a good way. A cockroach-infested sublet and a disaffected roommate are the least of her worries, and she soon finds herself caught up with her fellow interns – preppy Oliver, ruthless Dan and ridiculously cool, beautiful, wild Edie.

Soon, Beth and Edie are best friends – the sort of heady, all-consuming best-friendship that’s impossible to resist. But with the mercury rising and deceit mounting up, betrayal lies just around the corner. Who needs enemies … when you have friends like these?

My Review; This is a young adult story setting sail into the big world with an internship and starting university. It’s about her friendship with another, which could be classed as toxic. It’s about the difference between rich and poor. Romance. Drugs. This is such an easy read that you will be able to devour in a day like myself. I really enjoyed it. I’m sure we can all relate to at least one friendship very similar to the one we read about. A well-deserved four stars from me.

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