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Sea Keepers: Starfish Sleepover – Coral Ripley ★★★★

Blurb; Surprise! You are invited to a mermaid sleepover party at the palace! A magical series about saving our oceans for readers aged 6+.

The Sea Keepers are invited by Queen Adrianna to stay overnight at the palace for Princess Marina’s surprise birthday party. Emily, Grace and Layla have never been to a mermaid sleepover, and are worried about what gift to bring. But when Effluvia crashes the party and threatens to spoil the surprise, Emily, Grace and Layla know that they need to give their mermaid friend the only birthday gift that really matters – a magic pearl that can save Atlantis from evil Effluvia! They won’t sleep a wink until they find it!

My Review; I am really enjoying this series. One that is perfect for any little girl to enjoy with beautiful illustrations throughout. Meet the sea keepers a trio of human girls who get called on a mission to help out in underwater sea missions. To find pearls to save the day, to stop evil and save others. It’s a very magical story and world. In this story, they’ve been invited to an underwater birthday sleepover, but evil tried to disrupt it all. Can they save the day? Cute little read at just over 120 pages. A well-deserved four stars from me.

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Apologies I couldn’t find this on Amazon US


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