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*BLOG TOUR* The Bench by Cromer Beach – R.J. Gould ★★★★

Blurb; Five people in a sleepy English coastal town. One year that changes everything.

They seem to have it all. They’re in good health and are financially secure. They live in a pleasant and comfortable town. But as their lives intertwine, cracks emerge and restlessness grows.

For Clive, is retirement the beginning of the end? Can fun-loving Saskia break free from her adulterous husband? Will Andy marry his childhood sweetheart? Is Jamie prepared to change his dishonest ways? Might Ellie’s happy marriage be shattered by temptation?

Heart-warming and heart-breaking collide in this novel about aspirations, expectations and the realities of everyday life.

My Review; This is one that I wouldn’t have normally picked out for myself but I am so glad I got the chance to read it, I really enjoyed it. The story focuses on a little town near Cromer Beach and five specific people within it. The story is told through each of the five characters… Clive. Ellie. Saskia. Jamie and Andy.

A normal community with their families, relationships, romance, friends and children. Both the highs and the lows are included. I spoke to Mel from Melanies read about this book and she told me she lives near Cromer Beach and some of the things within the book sounded very familiar. Which made the book even more real for me. A beautiful book. Loved it! Never judge a book by it’s cover.

A well deserved four stars. I could have easily devoured this within hours. Highly recommend.

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chick-lit · contemporary

Expectation – Anna Hope ★★★★

Blurb; Hannah, Cate and Lissa are young, vibrant and inseparable. Living on the edge of a common in East London, their shared world is ablaze with art and activism, romance and revelry – and the promise of everything to come. They are electric. They are the best of friends.

Ten years on, they are not where they hoped to be. Amidst flailing careers and faltering marriages, each hungers for what the others have. And each wrestles with the same question: what does it take to lead a meaningful life?

My Review; I got this one from my pre-order list and have seen it around a lot. It’s a book 99% of woman can relate to apparantly and I agree. A brilliant read. Eye opening. Truthful. This story has it all. Friendships. Relationships. Romance. Affairs. Motherhood. Careers. Children. IVF. Family. Loss. Fall outs and make ups.

Its all about life, every aspect. The highs and the lows. An enjoyable read. The story is told through each of the three women and it works perfectly. It flicks back to their shared pasts and the present. Towards the end even the future. Beautiful.

A well deserved four stars. Highly recommend.

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Mix Tape – Jane Sanderson ★★★★★

Blurb; You never forget the one that got away. But what if ‘what could have been’ is still to come?

Daniel was the first boy to make Alison a mix tape.

But that was years ago and Ali hasn’t thought about him in a very long time. Even if she had, she might not have called him ‘the one that got away’; she’d been the one to run away, after all.

Then Dan’s name pops up on her phone, with a link to a song from their shared past.

For two blissful minutes, Alison is no longer an adult in Adelaide with temperamental daughters; she is sixteen in Sheffield, dancing in her too-tight jeans. She cannot help but respond in kind.

And so begins a new mix tape.

Ali and Dan exchange songs – some new, some old – across oceans and time zones, across a lifetime of different experiences, until one of them breaks the rules and sends a message that will change everything…

Because what if ‘what could have been’ is still to come?

My Review; This is such a beautiful book to read. A must read. One to savour, not rush. Old flames. A connection through music and songs. Beautifully written. Perfection. I really enjoyed it.

The story is told through the two main characters Ali in Australia and Dan in the UK. It flicks from the present to their shared past but each are set out clearly so there is no confusion. I loved both their characters. They just click. They’re definitely soul mates, made for each other but can they rekindle so many years apart? Change their lives for each other?

This will be going in my top twenty reads of 2020. A well deserved five stars from me. Highly recommend. Brilliant. Amazing. I cannot stop thinking about it.

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