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*BLOG TOUR* Minnie’s Orphan – Lindsey Hutchinson ★★★★

Blurb; Let bestselling author Lindsey Hutchinson transport you back in time to Marshall’s Children’s Home, for this heart-warming and unforgettable tale from the Black Country.

The Fitch children are finally safe, after they and their friends were rescued from the grim orphanage Reed House by Minnie and Billy Marshall. Their children’s home Marshall’s is full of love and laughter, and a world away from their terrible ordeal of being sold to Una Reed for five shillings.

There are many more children who still need a home, especially in a world where the workhouse is the last option for desperate families, and so Minnie makes it her mission to build Marshall’s into a refuge for all the waifs and strays.

But kind hearts can be taken advantage of, and before long, Marshall’s in under attack. Can Minnie and Billy keep their family together and keep all the children safe, or will they be torn apart again?

The Queen of the Black Country sagas is back with a heart-warming, unputdownable and unforgettable tale of triumph against the odds. Perfect for fans of Val Wood and Lyn Andrews.

My Review; We all need a genre change at times don’t we? This was perfect for me inbetween all the thrillers lately. A lovely, heart-warming and uplifting read. Something different but well worth the read. I enjoyed it. I recommend it. It’s brilliantly written. I fell in love with Minnie. A true historical fiction read.

A page turner. A different world. A different time among this present chaos. A break for the mind. I love the cover too. A well deserved four stars from me.

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Historical fiction

* BLOG TOUR* The Girl From The Hermitage – Molly Gartland ★★★★

Blurb; It is December 1941, and eight-year-old Galina and her friend Katya are caught in the siege of Leningrad, eating soup made of wallpaper, with the occasional luxury of a dead rat. Galina’s artist father Mikhail has been kept away from the front to help save the treasures of the Hermitage. Its cellars could now provide a safe haven, provided Mikhail can navigate the perils of a portrait commission from one of Stalin’s colonels. Nearly 40 years later, Galina herself is a teacher at the Leningrad Art Institute. What ought to be a celebratory weekend at her forest dacha turns sour when she makes an unwelcome discovery. The painting she embarks upon that day will hold a grim significance for the rest of her life, as the old Soviet Union makes way for the new Russia and Galina’s familiar world changes out of all recognition. Warm, wise and utterly enthralling, Molly Gartland’s debut novel guides us from the old communist world, with its obvious terrors and its more surprising comforts, into the glitz and bling of 21st-century St. Petersburg. Galina’s story is at once a compelling page-turner and an insightful meditation on ageing and nostalgia.

My Review; A few of you may know that I’ve been struggling with reading lately. But this book finally got me back into it. Hurray! Something different. Historical fiction. The story is split into three parts. The few first pages had me hooked and interested.

It starts off with life during WW2 then part two moves onto after the war and finally part three is set on the future. It’s a life story of sorts focusing on a specific few characters. Brilliantly written and the cover is simple yet eye catching. Molly has a brilliant writing style and description for each time period. You can tell alot of research, time and thought have been put into this story.

Some chapters are a little too long for my personal liking but that didn’t bother me much as I was really enjoying reading it after my long book slump. A well deservesld four stars from me. Highly recommend. If you fancy something a little different this may be for you. Thank you for giving me my reading mojo back!

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Historical fiction · romance

*BLOG TOUR* The Innocents – Michael Crummey ★★★★

Blurb; From prizewinning author Michael Crummey comes a spellbinding story of survival in which a brother and sister confront the limits of human endurance and their own capacity for loyalty and forgiveness.
A brother and sister are orphaned in an isolated cove on Newfoundland’s northern coastline. Their home is a stretch of rocky shore governed by the feral ocean, by a relentless pendulum of abundance and murderous scarcity. Still children with only the barest notion of the outside world, they have nothing but the family’s boat and the little knowledge passed on haphazardly by their mother and father to keep them.
Muddling though the severe round of the seasons, through years of meagre catches and storms and ravaging illness, it is their fierce loyalty to each other that motivates and sustains them. But as seasons pass and they wade deeper into the mystery of their own natures, even that loyalty will be tested.
The Innocents is richly imagined and compulsively readable, a riveting story of hardship and survival, and an unflinching exploration of the bond between brother and sister. By turns electrifying and heartbreaking, it is a testament to the bounty and barbarity of the world, to the wonders and strangeness of our individual selves.

My Review; The sound of this book caught my attention, something different I’d thought I would give a try. I read the majority of it within a day. I have not read anything similar to this before. Definitely unique. I was sucked in. Due to unfortunate circumstances brother and sister find themselves alone and having to survive without their parents.

Brother soon takes on the role of dad and sister soon takes on the role of mum. This story amazed me at how they lived, survived, hunted, fished and cooked. Proper historical I could never see myself in their shoes. They never gave up. They had each other even with a bit of love which I must admit was a little wierd for me. But they did it.

With an open ending I hope they got a nice ending in my mind anyway. I somehow felt connected to them and I don’t know how. I felt sorry for them. Brilliantly written. Different. Unique. But I really enjoyed it. Similar in many ways to Adam and Eve But in this case there is other people around just not near them. Miles away. Made me appreciate what I have.

A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend. Check it out!

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