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How To Kill Your Family – Bella Mackie ★★★★

Blurb; I have killed several people (some brutally, others calmly) and yet I currently languish in jail for a murder I did not commit.

When I think about what I actually did, I feel somewhat sad that nobody will ever know about the complex operation that I undertook. Getting away with it is highly preferable, of course, but perhaps when I’m long gone, someone will open an old safe and find this confession. The public would reel. After all, almost nobody else in the world can possibly understand how someone, by the tender age of 28, can have calmly killed six members of her family. And then happily got on with the rest of her life, never to regret a thing.

When Grace Bernard discovers her absentee millionaire father has rejected her dying mother’s pleas for help, she vows revenge, and sets about to kill every member of his family. Readers have a front row seat as Grace picks off the family one by one – and the result is as and gruesome as it is entertaining in this wickedly dark romp about class, family, love… and murder.

But then Grace is imprisoned for a murder she didn’t commit.

My Review; This was mine and Mel’s last buddy read of 2021. Now don’t get me wrong I loved the whole story and the plot especially the ending which made the whole book for us both. Totally unexpected. But this book has really really LONG chapters. We are talking huge chapters here. Which many readers including myself do not like. Which made reading it drag for us both even if we split it into three or four chapters a day.

The story is told from inside her cell and splits chapters to each of her kills with also a look inside her prison life. Each kill is different. Each clever. Each very well planned out. Can’t fault that. Just the long chapters is the downfall here. Which is why I awarded four stars instead of five.

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In Bloom – C J Skuse ★★★★

Blurb; If only they knew the real truth. It should be my face on those front pages. My headlines. I did those things, not him. I just want to stand on that doorstep and scream it: IT WAS ME. ME. ME. ME. ME!

Rhiannon Lewis has successfully fooled the world and framed her cheating fiancé Craig for the depraved and bloody killing spree she committed. She should be ecstatic that she’s free.

Except for one small problem. She’s pregnant with her ex lover’s child. The ex-lover she only recently chopped up and buried in her in-laws garden. And as much as Rhiannon wants to continue making her way through her kill lists, a small voice inside is trying to make her stop.

But can a killer’s urges ever really be curbed?

My Review; This is book two in the series and best read in order. I absolutely fell in love with book one (Sweetpea), this is still a brilliant read but much more tame compared to book one I wanted more psycho, more killing. But in this book she’s going through her pregnancy and giving birth which seems to keep her calmer than normal…

However, towards the end it seems that in book three (Dead Head) her psycho & killings will be back and I really hope so. Bit of a cliffhanger of an ending. Will she ever be caught? With a detective on her tail it’s possible. I love this series and cannot wait to see what happens in book three. Dark. Murders. Death. She’s one clever lady. No spoilers from me but parts had me shocked. Brilliant. Devoured it. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me.

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crime · Killers · suspense · thriller

Sweetpea – C J Skuse ★★★★★

Blurb; The last person who called me Sweetpea ended up dead…

I haven’t killed anyone for three years, and I thought that when it happened again I’d feel bad. Like an alcoholic taking a sip of whiskey. But no. Nothing. I had a blissful night’s sleep. Didn’t wake up at all. And for once, no bad dream either. This morning I feel balanced. Almost sane, for once.

Rhiannon is your average girl next door, settled with her boyfriend and little dog…but she’s got a killer secret.

Although her childhood was haunted by a famous crime, Rhiannon’s life is normal now that her celebrity has dwindled. By day, her job as an editorial assistant is demeaning and unsatisfying. By evening, she dutifully listens to her friends’ plans for marriage and babies while secretly making a list.

A kill list.

From the man at the grocery checkout who always mishandles her apples, to the driver who cuts her off on her way to work, to the people who have it coming, Rhiannon is ready to get her revenge.

Because the girl everyone overlooks might be able to get away with murder…

My Review; This is book one in a series. Recommended to me by Melanie’s Reads. From page one I was hooked. It’s a short diary format story which I prefer so I devoured it. Another psychopath woman in this one… Meet Rhiannon. She gets a thrill from killing and can’t stop.

Her life is one hot mess. Relationships. Jobs. Killing. Nearly being caught several times. Slipping up. But for me the ending made it all for me. What a clever plot & woman. The definition of a cliffhanger is this book. I had to go straight into book two which follows straight on from book one. It’s dark. Descriptive. Murder. Psychopath. At the start of each day she has a kill list and I must admit some I can relate too.

Absolute brilliant read. Another five stars from me and yes this is also going into my top reads of the year. I loved it. Cannot wait to see what lies ahead in book two and three. A must read.

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