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Blind Spot – Paula Hawkins ★★★★

Blurb; ‘How can you say things like this? How can you be so blind?’

Since they were kids, Edie, Jake and Ryan have been the closest of friends. It’s been the three of them against the world. Edie thought the bonds between them were unbreakable. So when Jake is brutally murdered and Ryan accused of the crime, her world is shattered.

Edie is alone for the first time in years, living in the remote house that she and Jake shared. She is grief-stricken and afraid – with good reason. Because someone is watching. Someone has been waiting for this moment. Now that Edie is alone, the past she tried so hard to leave behind is about to catch up with her…

My Review; From the bestselling author of The Girl on the Train comes a brilliant, short quickread at 120 pages. Perfect for me right now with a 9 day old newborn. I really enjoyed this was gripped from the first line. Kept me guessing and doubting the characters throughout. The story focuses on three main characters Edie, Jake and Ryan who has been long term friends for ages. But from the start Jake is dead. Why? How? Who? An unexpected outcome that relates to their teenage years and a brilliant epilogue. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend. My first book read since having baby #3.

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My Evil Mother: A Short Story – Margaret Atwood ★★★

Blurb: Life is hard enough for a teenage girl in 1950s suburbia without having a mother who may—or may not—be a witch. A single mother at that. Sure, she fits in with her starched dresses, string of pearls, and floral aprons. Then there are the hushed and mystical consultations with neighborhood women in distress. The unsavory, mysterious plants in the flower beds. The divined warning to steer clear of a boyfriend whose fate is certainly doomed. But as the daughter of this bewitching homemaker comes of age and her mother’s claims become more and more outlandish, she begins to question everything she once took for granted.

My Review; My first book by this author and it is currently free for Amazon prime or Kindle Unlimited members. It is an extremely short read at 32 pages. A bit of a wierd read to be honest. One I felt I did get at first… Her mum was a witch or at least pretending to be a witch? But then I just felt I didn’t get the story at all. Like what was the point of it? Very wierd. Very confusing. But didn’t take me long to finish so wasn’t a waste of time. Half and half on this one, so it’s a three star read. Hmmm.

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Summer at 23 the Strand – Linda Mitchelmore ★★★★

Blurb: Escape to the seaside this summer!
After actress Martha’s painful break-up hits the headlines, the warm golden sands and sparkling seas of Elberry Cove are the perfect escape from the paparazzi!

Nestled amongst a gorgeous line of brightly-coloured beach chalets, Number 23 The Strand is a home from home, a secret paradise where she can slowly begin to piece her heart back together.

When it’s finally time to leave, Martha decides to leave a special gift for the next guest. It’s a small act of kindness that starts a magical tradition all summer long…

A delightfully uplifting holiday read, perfect for fans of Lilly Bartlett, Tilly Tennant and Eve Devon.

My Review; Another light, easy and escapism of a read. Again another buddy read with Mel from Melanie’s Reads. A perfect summer read, escape to the seaside. This story is a little different though as it’s lots of little stories all in one story. The same setting being the seaside cabin at 23 the Strand but with different holiday makers spending a total of two weeks each time there. As the reader you will see a whole range of different people spending time here, their stories, their families and their pasts. Each story is beautiful and unique though. I loved it all.

The ending wraps ups all the individual stories perfectly giving the reader closure on some of the stories. There’s also a cute little tradition that goes on within 23 the Strand where the previous tenants/holidayers leave a gift for the next person which I loved. A beautiful collection of short stories. A new author to myself, very impressed. A well deserved four stars from me, would recommend. A holiday for the mind.

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