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*BLOG TOUR* You Let Him In – J.A. Andrews ★★★★

Blurb; The only thing she was guilty of was trusting him

All Jenny Clifton ever wanted was to be the ideal wife and mother. When she married Michael in a fairytale wedding, followed by the birth of baby Daniel, her life was complete.

Yet just three years later, the shine has faded. Now, money is tight, and the occasional argument has become daily screaming matches between Jenny and Michael.

Something needs to change… and it does, when Michael is killed in a brutal hit and run, breathing his last with a stranger holding his hand.

Lonely and distraught, Jenny strikes up an unlikely friendship with the witness to the accident, clinging to the connection with the man who watched Michael die.

But as she uncovers the secrets that her husband was keeping, Jenny realises that her perfect life may have been a perfect lie – and worse, that her new friend may be harbouring dangerous secrets of his own…

My Review; Wow. Okay. I’m still trying to get over that ending… The story is told through each of the characters Michael, Jenny, Gary and Donna. From the start you could tell something wasn’t right, something being hidden. I was drawn in. Intrigued. A gripping start.

Brilliantly written, I felt so sorry for the child in this story (Daniel) to go through everything he had to at such a young age. The book messes with your head making you think the worst of characters that you shouldn’t and making you like the ones you shouldn’t. Grr.

Garys character comes accross as caring and trying to do his best but also a little too creepy, comes on too strong. The story deals with grief, family, debt, lies, secrets, vengence and death. It’s a fast paced story with a dark and twisted ending that I didn’t see coming. Brutal. But least it gave us all the answers and outcome we needed.

A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend.

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mystery · suspense · thriller

*BLOG TOUR* Saint Justice – Mike Grist ★★★★

Blurb; Hundreds of human cages hidden in the desert. A small-town police department wiped out. One man with nothing to lose.

He goes by Christopher Wren, but that’s not his real name. As a legendary DELTA operator he dismantled terrorist cults, drug cartels and corporate conspiracies all around the world – but what cost him that job was the one thing he didn’t tell his CIA bosses.

While taking dangerous organizations apart for Uncle Sam, Wren was building his own on the side – a vigilante army of ex-cons, hackers and disgraced marines set to come to his aid at a moment’s notice.

He’s going to need them now.

My Review; This is book one in the Christopher Wren series and what a brilliant start to the series. I would love to continue reading this series. Within the first few pages I was hooked, intrigued. It is a fast paced story with plenty going on to keep the readers attention.

Christopher is the main character… He’s clever, determined, brave and will not give up until hes finished the job and solved the case. Even if that means putting himself at risk. A page turner of a read. Brilliantly written. Full of action.

A well deserved four stars. A new author for me. Highly recommend. Perfect for fans of Lee Child. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Christopher in this series.

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mystery · suspense · thriller

Just Like the Other Girls – Claire Douglas ★★★★


Una Richardson’s heart is broken after the death of her mother. Seeking a place to heal, she responds to an advertisement and steps into the rich, comforting world of Elspeth McKenzie.

But Elspeth’s home is not as safe as it seems.

Kathryn, her cold and bitter daughter, resents Una’s presence. But more disturbing is the realization that two girls had lived here before. Two girls who ended up dead.

Why won’t the McKenzies talk about them? What other secrets are locked inside this house? As the walls close in around her, Una starts to fear that she will end up just like the other girls . . .

My Review; I am a huge fan of Claires books, she hasn’t let me down yet. So I had high expectations for this one and yet again I was not disappointed another I devoured, enjoyed and loved. This one messes with your head! It had me suspecting EVERYONE and I still didn’t get it right. Damn. Maybe next time. From the off I could tell something was a bit ooh what’s going on here then… Intrigued.

It’s a well thought out, clever and crafty story that kept me hooked till the last page. Strange how these keep carers keep dying and its not classed as suspicious. Very strange. The outcome well never. Never. That made it for me. I sat through it all thinking I know this one… WRONG.

A very strange family with a hidden past and tensions high. But some relatives are not giving up and want answers over these deaths. Gripping, thrilling, fast paced and a real page turner. Brilliantly written. You’ve done it again claire. 👏 A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend and I already can’t wait for your next book.

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