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Riverdale: Get Out Of Town – Micol Ostow ★★★★

Blurb; When Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead take a road trip, they discover that their small-town problems seem to follow them wherever they go.

Archie’s on trial for murder, and the evidence is stacked against him. Betty, Veronica, and Jughead all know that Archie is being framed by Hiram Lodge, but how can they prove it?

The gang comes up with a last-ditch plan to prove Archie’s innocence: They have to go back to the scene of the crime. They have to go back to Shadow Lake.

Threats are around every corner deep in the woods at the Lodge family cabin. Will the teens find the evidence they need to clear Archie’s name? And more importantly, will they make it back to Riverdale alive?

My Review; This is book two in the Riverdale series and as expected was much better than book one. Same characters, same town, but more drama! Archie has been accused of murder but with his friends and family supporting him they’re making sure he proves his innocence.

He’s been set up and they’re determined to prove it by going back to the scene and finding evidence to prove it. Things start to turn creepy, spooky and scary in their search for evidence with an explosive ending… Literally. A major cliff hanger. The books set just before going back to school so I expect book three will have the result of Archies trial and everyone will be back to school.

A brilliant read. Much better than book one. Devoured it. Gripping. Thrilling. Suspense thrilled. Dark towards the end. Loved it. Perfect for YA readers I am really enjoying reading it. I’m looking forward to what book three has in store for me. A well deserved four stars highly recommend.

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Riverdale: The Day Before – Micol Ostow ★★★★

Blurb; Based on the massively successful CW show, Riverdale, this prequel novel explores what the gang was doing before Season One.

Why did Jughead and Archie have a falling out? What did Veronica’s life look like in the Big Apple? And how long has Betty really been in love with Archie?

Told from multiple points of view, your favorite characters tell their story their way.

My Review; So I haven’t watched Riverdale yet as I’m one of those that has to read the books first but I cannot wait to watch it and compare. This is a prequel novel so for me it was more an introduction into Riverdale and the characters. It was still a good read with an unexpected ending but I’m expecting more in book two. This book (book one) is set before series one of the tv series and I devoured it within a day, so easy reading.

The story is told through each of the different characters those being… Betty, Archie, Veronica and Jughead. This story gave me a good introduction to all their lives, friendships, ties, relationships, jobs, background and family life.

Still a great read an introduction into the world of Riverdale. A well deserved four stars from me. I’m looking forward to book two which I will be starting today.

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Sons of Anarchy: Bratva – Christopher Golden ✶✶✶✶✶


Date Read: 29/12/2015

This is another book that many readers may not like, I was lucky enough to receive this book at Christmas after finishing the box set of Sons of Anarchy on TV. If you have watched Sons of Anarchy and enjoyed it then this book is for you. I consumed this book very quickly, as it was another easy read and well written book for myself which I really enjoyed and I will keep hold of (which i do not do with many books). Brilliant book!

This book is set between the third and fourth series of Sons of Anarchy on TV. Now I am not going to give loads away about this book as it is only a short story to keep us fans happy and will be finished before you know it. If you are looking for a book with fights, motorbikes, guns, knifes and plenty of action then this book is for you. Sons of Anarchy: Bratva fall under the category’s of crime and thriller with a hint of suspense, perfect for some readers. This is a stand alone novel which deserves the five stars I have awarded it, this novel is like a bonus episode just for us fans! But I do understand that it is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.