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The Donor – Helen Fitzgerald ★★★

Blurb; Will Marion has two perfect kidneys. His daughters aren’t so lucky. Question is: which one should he save? Will’s 47. His wife bailed out when the twins were in nappies and hasn’t been seen since. He coped OK by himself at first, giving Georgie and Kay all the love he could, working in a boring admin job to support them. Just after the twins turn sixteen, Georgie suffers kidney failure and is placed on dialysis. Her type is rare, and Will immediately offers to donate an organ. Without a transplant, she would probably never see adulthood. So far so good. But then Kay gets sick. She’s also sixteen. Just as precious. Her kidney type just as rare. Time is critical, and he has to make a decision. Should be buy a kidney – be an organ tourist? Should be save one child? If so, which one? Should be sacrifice himself? Or is there a fourth solution – one so terrible it has never even crossed his mind?

My Review; Another great read from Helen. Finished it in one day an easy read for me. It’s every parents worst nightmare. What can we do? Are they going to make it? Who should he chose?

Let me tell you now this family is far from normal… We have a mother who doesn’t care and leaves for drugs and a thug. A dad who doesnt know what to do and drinks a lot. Twin Kay is the perfect member of the family the only character I actually liked. Then the other twin Georgie is off the rails and has an attitude problem and lives on the wild side. Every single character wound me up in some way except Kays.

We get an unexpected, shocking outcome towards the end but personally I felt a lot of the good stuff was happening towards the end and then it was suddenly cut short, open to the readers interpretation of what happens next.

I awarded three stars as for me I enjoyed her other books miles more than this one but this was still a great read which I devoured in a day.

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*BLOG TOUR* Alcoholic Doctor – Dr Anish Kurar ★★★

Blurb; Retired orthopaedic consultant Dr. Anish Kumar Kurar has worked in three countries accruing a wealth of experience managing critical conditions as well as taking fundamental steps to succeed amidst a climate of harsh reality. From scarring childhood memories during an impoverished upbringing, he has managed to climb to the top of his profession. Childhood abuse, a shift to alcohol as an insurance measure during adulthood, and the intense clinical demands of medical practice has resulted in a tough exterior; the journey from his primitive youth to an experienced consultant has been no holds barred. He has been publicly acclaimed in the media and presented with international awards from the Saudi Arabian government. Dr. Kurar proves that a little bit of grit can go a long way. This is his story.

My Review; This is a short book at only 75 pages long, a short read. The writing is also very small. I read this and it was not what I expected really. It is not similar to Adam Kays book or that genre. I would say this is more a biography. Yes, he is an alcoholic and a doctor but we dont get any stories of him working inside the hospital, more about his life, family, achievements and all the different countries and hospitals he has worked at.

It was still a good read, enlightening. Just not what I expected. There’s no chapters in this book just one story from beginning to end. However, I did read this in a day. He is a wise, clever and a thoughtful man regardless of the alcoholism. I award three stars for The Alcoholic Doctor. Still enjoyed it.

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*BLOG TOUR* Mama’s Gone – Leopold Borstinski ★★★

Blurb; When the children grow up, the parents must die.

California gang leader Mary Lou has built a criminal empire while her adult children are desperate for their mother’s attention and love.

As her mental faculties wane, Alice and Frank Jr must acknowledge their mother is not the woman she once was and that they need to step up and take the helm, despite the stark differences between them.

But their sibling rivalry blinds both of them to their weaknesses which threatens the family when the Russian mob moves into the state. How can they fend off those attacks while fighting to decide who will lead the family now their dear Mama’s gone?

My Review; Now I must state this was not what I expected at all to be honest. I don’t know if it’s cause I came into this series late or what as this is book four in the Lagotti Family Series and I like to read series’s in order. However, it did read fine as a standalone.

The opening to this story did have me wondering and intrigued which led me to diving into this story and to finding out why the mother (Mary Lou) got shot. It is a fast paced, action packed story in parts filled with crime, drugs, prostitution, death, bribery and gambling. It’s true that business run in the family and when quite shocked when Alice wanted to become a part of it. She turned out to be a younger version of her mother.

I wasn’t impressed with Frank’s character, he was a bit off the rails and seemed an angry guy, didn’t care about anything except girls and drugs. He wanted to get into the family business too, seemed jealous of his sister (Alice) to me. It was a good, easy read. Parts were a little dark throughout. I awarded a fair three stars. Not a family business I would want anything to do with, anything could go wrong and things could turn nasty….

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