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Fate: The Winx Saga – Ava Corrigan ★★★★★

Blurb; At the Alfea International School, students come from all over the Otherworld to train. To learn magic. To discover how to control their powers. Inside the school’s castle, five students-complete strangers-are assigned as roommates:

Aisha is an athlete and a classic overachiever whose control over water is the envy of her fellow students.

Terra is an awkward do-gooder whose power over the natural world can overwhelm rivals unexpectedly.

Musa is an introvert who keeps to herself so her mind isn’t overwhelmed by the emotions of those around her.

Stella is a princess – yes, a real princess – whose command over light inspires but also intimidates.

And then there’s Bloom, the outsider, the girl from the human world whose power over fire almost destroyed her family.

These five teenagers want what every teenager wants… to figure out who they are. To make friends. To fit in at their new school. But when an ancient, long-vanquished evil suddenly resurfaces outside the castle walls, these five teenagers be forced to put their powers to the test. And they’ll discover a secret so powerful, it will challenge everything they know about the Otherworld… and themselves.

My Review; Me and my partner started watching this on Netflix so ofcourse I had to get the book. Devoured it. It is word for word the same as Netflix but you get a few extras in the book not included in Netflix. Bonus. This is like Harry Potter but next gen. Lots of magic. Fire. Water. Mind. Earth. I fell in love with both the book and Netflix series and I already cannot wait for book 2 and series 2. Woo hoo.

Bloom is the main character but she is surrounded by great friends aka her suit mates. Each different. But all a team. Kept me guessing throughout. Not a fan of the burned ones aka scary creatures. But I loved it all. Gets dark towards the end which I’m hoping will be explained in more detail in series 2. Adored it. Brilliant. The story is told through each of the characters. I actually really liked Terra’s character too (earth girl).

A well deserved five stars. Highly recommend. This has gone into my top reads of the year.

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True Crime Story – Joseph Knox ★★★★★

Blurb; In the early hours of Saturday 17 December 2011, Zoe Nolan, a nineteen-year-old Manchester University student, walked out of a party taking place in the shared accommodation where she had been living for three months.

She was never seen again.

Seven years after her disappearance, struggling writer Evelyn Mitchell finds herself drawn into the mystery. Through interviews with Zoe’s closest friends and family, she begins piecing together what really happened in 2011. But where some versions of events overlap, aligning perfectly with one another, others stand in stark contrast, giving rise to troubling inconsistencies.

Shaken by revelations of Zoe’s secret life, and stalked by a figure from the shadows, Evelyn turns to crime writer Joseph Knox to help make sense of a case where everyone has something to hide.

Zoe Nolan may be missing presumed dead, but her story is only just beginning

My Review; I have seen this book everywhere, so ofcourse I had to check it out myself! I am so glad I did. This is the first book I have read by this author but it won’t be the last. This was amazing. 5 stars and more. It went straight into my top reads of the year. Loved it. Highly recommend. A must buy. A must read. You will not be disappointed.

It’s set at Manchester University and as a local I knew all the places within the book and the University itself making it more real for me as a reader. The author has written this book so cleverly that I had to actually message a friend who had already read it to make sure it wasn’t a true crime. Very clever indeed. Very impressed.

The story is told through each of the characters involved throughout. So it was an easy read for me which I devoured and finished before I knew it. I was hooked. It really was a brilliant, page turner of a read. One I don’t think I could ever forget. One I will recommend for a long time. This author just blew me away. Now I understand the hype… Thank you Joseph.

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Murder Thy Neighbour – James Patterson ★★★★★

Blurb; As seen on Discovery ID, these two true-crime thrillers follow a neighbours’ quarrel that turns violent and cyber-bullying that explodes in a double murder.

(with Andrew Bourelle)

Ann Hoover is a nice woman, but she’s come to hate her neighbour. Roy Kirk moved in next door with plans to renovate. But as the weeks go by, his DIY construction turns to shambles and Roy himself becomes sullen and hostile. When Ann takes him to court, Roy’s retaliation will be shockingly gruesome.

(with Max DiLallo)

Jenelle Potter has always been better at connecting through social media than in person. With overprotective parents, she hasn’t had many options to meet people until she links up Billy. But her feelings for Billy are unreciprocated, causing Jenelle to start a virtual war – a war that enters the real world.

My Review; As you should all know by now I am a huge James Patterson fan. This did not disappointed. I absolutely loved it. This is two short stories in one book and both are TRUE stories. For me these being true stories makes them even more horrifying and scared. It’s scary what some people do.

Both were gripping, thrilling stories that had me on edge. But I preferred the first one more because that was just messed up who even does that? As usual the book contains short chapters and was an easy read but one I throughally enjoyed. One I can’t forget, those poor victims. The second story has a huge focus on social media and it reminds you to be careful online always, no matter what age you are.

A well deserved five stars. Highly recommend. Spooky. Scary. Messed up. Dark. Death. Murder. TRUE CRIME.

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