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*BLOG TOUR* After Jessica – Morgen Bailey ★★★★

Blurb; Jessica is an ordinary girl who comes across extraordinary circumstances and pays for them with her life. As well as identifying her body, her brother Simon then has to wind up her affairs but gets more than he bargains for. Who is Alexis, and why are Veronica and Daniel searching for her? Why is there a roll of cash in Jessica’s house, and what’s the connection between his sister and Alexis?

My Review; After Jessica is a fairly short, easy to read story which could easily be devoured in a day or hours. It kept me intrigued throughout. Jessica may have passed away in a quick accident, but that’s not the end to this story… It’s the beginning.

I did get the whole outcome quite early in the book but read on to see if my assumption was correct… It was.

Poor Simon (Jessicas brother) is left with the aftermath of her death and uncovers a big secret of Jessicas. Daniel isn’t such a pleasant character but after what happened to him I wouldn’t be too pleased either. A lot of people are shocked by Jessicas death but for more than one reason… The ending is a shocker and jaw dropper… A cliffhanger as to what lies ahead for Simon and Jessicas mother.

The chapters are short and the story is well written. I awarded four stars.

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