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*BLOG BLITZ* Found Drowned – B.K. Duncan ★★★★

Blurb; Smuggling. Prostitution. Murder.

London. 1920 and coroner’s officer May Keaps is tasked with solving the mystery that surrounds the death of a young boy, found drowned in The Thames.

But was it murder or an accident?

May knows that when children go missing, the reason is often linked to money but she is in danger of underestimating the corrupting influence of power . . .

On streets where poverty and exploitation walk hand-in-hand everyone has a price. And some are more valuable dead than alive. But who is pulling the strings?

May must journey into the dark underbelly of London to find the answers.

My Review; Wow. Very impressed with the second book in this series, I would personally say this story is miles better than the first and had me hooked throughout. A series that just gets better and better! A brilliant historical crime investigation full of suspense, set in the 1920’s. It is one of those books that makes you go THAT’S WHY ITS CALLED THAT!

Found drowned highlights how determined and strong May Keaps character really is within her job which she takes very seriously, sometimes too seriously. I would highly recommend this series to you all so far but you must read them in order as this story does make references to book number one (Foul Trade) which could ruin the first story for you.

I enjoyed reading this one. A well written story and well earned four stars. I look forward to reading more in this series and by this author.

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Foul Trade – B.K. Duncan ★★★★

Blurb; It is March 1920 and May Keaps, the Poplar Coroner’s Officer, has never failed to provide a jury with sufficient evidence to arrive at a just verdict. And the poverty, drunken fights between visiting sailors, drug trafficking, and criminal gangs haunting the shadows of the busiest docks in the world mean that the courtroom sees more than its fair share of sudden and unnatural deaths. May relishes the responsibility placed upon her but there are many who believe it’s an unsuitable job for a woman and the position should be given to one of the soldiers back from the First World War. Even May begins to wonder if that shouldn’t be the case when the discovery of a young man’s body in a Limehouse alley plunges her into an underworld of opium dens, illegal gambling, drug dealers’ turf wars, the protection rackets of the notorious Bow Kum Tong, and murder. As her investigations draw her into deeper danger it becomes increasingly clear that whoever is responsible intends to avoid the hangman’s noose by arranging to have May laid out on one of her own mortuary slabs.

My Review; Foul Trade is book one in the May Keaps series and is a brilliant start to the series. Set in the 1920’s, this story focuses on May and her unlikely ‘partner’ and newspaper writer Jack trying to solve what really happened to Miles Elliott. May gets herself into all kinds of trouble she would be better off staying away from but, she is a powerful, determined and strong character. Towards the end will get your heart pounding. I loved the setting and you could tell the story was set in the 1920 era so a bit historical crime too.

Foul Trade is a well written story and easy to read. I enjoyed reading this story and I am going to dive straight into book two (Found Drowned). I awarded four stars and would recommend this series to you all so far.

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