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*BLOG TOUR* The Liar’s House – Carla Kovach ★★★★

Blurb; Samantha stumbled out of the party and on to a busy street only ten minutes away from her home. But she never made it home…

Seven years after Samantha’s disappearance, on what would have been her thirty-fifth birthday, her best friend Diane is shocked to find a letter addressed to Samantha on her doorstep.

Opening the envelope, Diane pulls out a birthday card and a finger nail painted in dusky pink nail polish. The same shade Samantha always wore. The same shade she was wearing the night she went missing.

When police analyse the nail, they don’t get the result they expected. Instead of linking them to Samantha, the nail belongs to another woman, Jade Ashmore. And Jade was murdered the night before the envelope was delivered….

My Review; It’s so good to be back to this series and the familiar team and characters. This is book four in the Detective Gina Harte series, best read in order but okay as standalones, as each are different.

Yet again no slow beginnings here we are faced with a brutal murder of Samantha from the start! Another brilliantly written, fast paced, thrilling, page turner and gripping of a read. It had me suspecting, not trusting and interrogating everyone! There are far too many hidden secrets that have to be uncovered.

I have been with this series from the start and it is just getting better and better with each book. I do hope there will be a book five. Fingers crossed. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me. A brilliant series.

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crime · Detective · mystery · suspense · thriller

*BLOG TOUR* Her Pretty Bones – Carla Kovach ★★★★

Blurb; She’s just the girl he’s looking for…

A young woman falls from a van speeding down a quiet road. Battered and bruised, she turns her head to the person who comes to her aid. ‘Help her’, she whispers before her eyes close.

Days later, the body of another young girl is found in a shallow grave just a few miles away. The similarities between the two girls are startling – same age, same frail body, same shocking red hair.

As the town fears there’s a serial killer living amongst them, Detective Gina Harte must put aside her own struggles at home, and catch the killer before he finds another perfect girl.

My Review; Happy Publication Day! Her Pretty Bones is book three in the Detective Gina Harte series, a series I am absolutely loving after reading all the books. It’s a series best read in order as this story does contain references to the books before it.

The prologue is intriguing and drags the reader straight in… Yet again Gina finds herself stuck in a case that is targeting young women and a personal family feud begins to arise again between her and her daughter as the case comes first.

Did Gina go back to work too fast? Has she really recovered from her last case already? She seems to be struggling in this story… I found like usual she got herself too involved and emotionally attached to the case and victims putting herself at harm… Again. But she is a bloody good detective. I like her character. Strong, determined and focused. She has a great team alongside her who support her.

Her Pretty Bones is a real mystery/investigation into what has happened with these young ladies. You can tell Carla has put a lot of time and research into this story. The story does highlight several issues, homelessness, carer’s work and Huntingtons disease which I learnt a lot about from this book, so thank you.

I awarded a well deserved four stars and I’m hoping there may be a fourth book to come along shortly. I would love to see what Gina and her team have to face next. Highly recommend. Enjoyed reading this one. Fab.

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