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The Day She Disappeared – Christobel Kent ★★★★

Your best friend will always be there for you…won’t she?
Have you ever had that sense that you’re being watched? And you turn, suddenly, but it’s just a curtain, blowing in the wind? Or the dress hanging in the doorway? Nat knows something’s wrong. Her best friend, Beth, would never have upped and left without saying goodbye to her. But no one believes that Beth was taken – she is a fly-by-night, a party girl who can’t be trusted. No one’s listening to Nat. But someone is definitely watching her..

My Review:
I love the cover on this book and have read both of Christobel’s books before this one so was a must really! I enjoyed reading this book and finished it in just 3 days. Some would say that it dragged out until the last 5 chapters and I would agree but it all added up to that big ending! WOW. I did not have a clue who did it but wow. This book is easy to read, contains short chapters and has a thrilling story line of who did it? …  I loved the setting and all the individual characters facing their own personal challenges along the way. I awarded a fair four stars as it didn’t wow me away but a story I enjoyed nevertheless. I look forward to reading more by Christobel Kent in the future.  Enjoy.

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The Loving Husband – Christobel Kent ✶✶✶✶

the loving husband 2

Can you ever truly know the one you love? Fran Hall and her husband Nathan live in a farmhouse on the edge of the Fens with their two children. One February night, when Fran is woken by her baby, she finds the bed empty beside her and Nathan gone. Searching the house for him she makes a devastating discovery. As Fran finds herself under intense police scrutiny, she and her two small children become more isolated as she starts to doubt whether or not she really knew Nathan. Was he really the loving husband that Fran had trusted him to be? As police suspicion grows the questions for Fran begin to mount. Is there something that she is hiding from them – something that she has kept hidden from everyone, including her husband?

Thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for allowing me to read a copy of this book. I decided to give this one a try as I really enjoy Christobel’s last book (The Crooked House). I awarded The Loving Husband four stars as it was a good read however, I did not find myself as hooked as his last story and the story kept switching to different places throughout. I did understand the story and enjoyed it but it took me a while to finish it. I personally prefer The Crooked House but this is still a great story with a cleverly written plot to keep the reader guessing throughout. It is written well and easy to read with medium chapters. The beginning grabs your attention straight away which is always a good sign… But personally I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Crooked House. Still a fab read though and would appeal to readers who enjoy a good thriller, mystery, drama and suspense filled story full of secrets and lies.

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The Crooked House – Christobel Kent ✶✶✶✶✶

the crooked house

Alison has no ties, no home, a low-key job and lives her life under the radar just the way she likes it. But back when she was a teenager she was known as Esme Grace! One night when Esme was in her room at home a terrible thing happened within The Crooked House, a nightmare of violence and deaths. Alison was the only survivor left and witnessed everything that had happened and she has been hiding and running ever since that night! When Paul enters Alison’s life he makes her realise that if she ever wants a happy life then she will have to return to her former life and confront the darkness! This is the perfect read for those who enjoy a great thriller, mystery, crime, suspense and death filled story!

This book is a real page turner, very addictive and beautifully written! Christobel Kent has written a very clever plot with many twists and turns to hold your attention until the end. I really enjoyed and devoured this story, it is a fast paced, easy to read gripping story to sink you teeth into! I awarded The Crooked House five stars as it is a book that you will not forget! I had seen and heard a lot of good reviews and recommendations about this book So I had to investigate for myself, and it did not disappoint me. If this sounds like your type of book I would highly recommend that you dive in! Now!