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Just Like the Other Girls – Claire Douglas ★★★★


Una Richardson’s heart is broken after the death of her mother. Seeking a place to heal, she responds to an advertisement and steps into the rich, comforting world of Elspeth McKenzie.

But Elspeth’s home is not as safe as it seems.

Kathryn, her cold and bitter daughter, resents Una’s presence. But more disturbing is the realization that two girls had lived here before. Two girls who ended up dead.

Why won’t the McKenzies talk about them? What other secrets are locked inside this house? As the walls close in around her, Una starts to fear that she will end up just like the other girls . . .

My Review; I am a huge fan of Claires books, she hasn’t let me down yet. So I had high expectations for this one and yet again I was not disappointed another I devoured, enjoyed and loved. This one messes with your head! It had me suspecting EVERYONE and I still didn’t get it right. Damn. Maybe next time. From the off I could tell something was a bit ooh what’s going on here then… Intrigued.

It’s a well thought out, clever and crafty story that kept me hooked till the last page. Strange how these keep carers keep dying and its not classed as suspicious. Very strange. The outcome well never. Never. That made it for me. I sat through it all thinking I know this one… WRONG.

A very strange family with a hidden past and tensions high. But some relatives are not giving up and want answers over these deaths. Gripping, thrilling, fast paced and a real page turner. Brilliantly written. You’ve done it again claire. 👏 A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend and I already can’t wait for your next book.

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DO Not Disturb – Claire Douglas ★★★★★

Blurb; Could your dream home be your worst nightmare?

After what happened in London, Kirsty needs a fresh start with her family.
And running a guesthouse in the Welsh mountains sounds idyllic.

But then their first guest arrives.
Selena is the last person Kirsty wants to see.
It’s seventeen years since she tore everything apart.

Why has she chosen now to walk back into Kirsty’s life?
Is Selena running from something too?
Or is there an even darker reason for her visit?

Because Kirsty knows that once you invite trouble into your home, it can be murder getting rid of it . . .

My Review; I am a huge fan of Claires books, I have read them all and yet again she did not disappoint me at all. Do Not Disturb is bloody brilliant. It has a gorgeous cover too, that is bound to catch the readers eye.

This is a fast paced story with hit after hit of shocks, secrets, lies and affairs. There was always something to keep the reader hooked. A very unexpected outcome that I would never have expected at all. This story was just action packed full of suspense and everyone was a suspect! It just goes to show you don’t know who you can trust, even family. I absolutely loved this story. Devoured it.

I awarded an outstanding five stars and would highly recommend to you all. It is a cleverly written story that contains short chapters. The characters are all likeable in their own individual way except for Dean… Didn’t really like him. I look forward to Claires next book already!

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Last Seen Alive – Claire Douglas ★★★★★


The Hero.

Libby Hall never really wanted to be noticed. But after she saves the children in her care from a fire, she finds herself headline news. And horrified by the attention. It all reminds her of what happened nine years ago. The last time she saw her best friend alive.

The Swap.

Which is why the house swap is such a godsend. Libby and her husband Jamie exchange their flat in Bath for a beautiful, secluded house in Cornwall. It’s a chance to heal their marriage – to stop its secrets tearing them apart.

The Hideaway. 

But this stylish Cornish home isn’t the getaway they’d hoped for. They made odd, even disturbing, discoveries in the house. It’s so isolated-yet Libby doesn’t feel entirely alone. As if she’s being watched.

Is Libby being paranoid? What is her husband hiding? And. As the secrets and lies come tumbling out, is the past about to catch up with them?

My Review; Wow! What a brilliant story. I have read and reviewed all Claire’s stories so far and she has never let me down. This was brilliant! I was hooked. I honestly did not want to put it down. What a cleverly written story. I also love the cover. 

Last Seen Alive is written well, fast paced and contains short chapters which are split into three parts. I highly recommend this story to you all. Very twisted story towards the end. Very impressed and cannot wait for Claire’s new book coming out Summer 2018. Last Seen Alive is a gripping story you will want to devour in one sitting. A book that will not disappoint.