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*12 DAYS OF CLINK STREET (Promo)* The Lottery by Peter J Venison.

Blurb; If you found an unsigned lottery ticket, what would you do if it turned out to be worth millions? Hand it in or claim the prize? Follow the twisting path of Maggie and Greg when faced with this dilemma. Who are the winners and who are the real losers? What is the price of honesty and does winning bring happiness? Can you do more good in the world if you are rich or poor? Find out in this intriguing tale of an ordinary family.

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*BLOG TOUR* Dancing Fairies – Jenny Way ★★★★★

Blurb; Follow the adventures of the Dancing Fairies as they dance and play every night and day!

See them fly over hills, in gardens, on window sills and in the treetops! Join them and their animal friends having fun in the rain and sun. Watch them as they paint flowers – it doesn’t take them hours!

You will be amazed and enthralled by their beauty and that’s not all! These little fairies are amazing and a delight!

My Review; Got something a little different today on the blog. Got sent this lovely childrens book by Clink Street to review with my four year old daughter who loves fairies.

First impressions was that the cover is beautiful, colourful and eye catching! It is a beautifully set out story with large print writing and easy to read! Each page has gorgeous, detailed illustrations to accompany the story. My daughter liked to count how many fairiers was in each picture.

My daughter enjoyed the story, so do I! Perfect little rymes throughout. This is the perfect book for any little girl to dive into a fairy kingdom. I’ve read this book several times to my daughter now and she still loves it. Magical. Highly recommend. A well deserved five stars. Perfect for little ladies.

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Historical fiction · War

*12 Days of Clink Street* The Watcher – Monika Jephcott Thomas ★★★★★

Blurb; It’s 1949 when Netta’s father Max is released from a Siberian POW camp and returns to his home in occupied Germany. But he is not the man the little girl is expecting – the brave, handsome doctor her mother Erika told her stories of. Erika too struggles to reconcile this withdrawn, volatile figure with the husband she knew and loved before, and, as she strives to break through the wall Max has built around himself, Netta is both frightened and jealous of this interloper in the previously cosy household she shared with her mother and doting grandparents. Now, if family life isn’t tough enough, it is about to get even tougher, when a murder sparks a police investigation, which begins to unearth dark secrets they all hoped had been forgotten.

My Review; This book is so touching and heart-breaking in parts. It’s the aftermath of coming back from war, it doesn’t just affect that one person it affects the whole family.

My heart went out for little Netta and what she had seen, been through and witnessed. Poor girl, I loved her character. Max is struggling coming back from the war… His wife Erika has her own battles to fight while being there for Max and Netta.

I loved this story, I felt a whole range of emotions throughout reading this story. It is beautifully written. A must read. Powerful. Highlights how different and hard it can be for a soldier and their family after coming home. A well deserved five stars. Highly recommend. A must read. A must buy. A book that makes you open your eyes. A story that will stick with you forever.

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