Adventure · contemporary · romance · Young adult

You Were Here – Cori McCarthy ✶✶✶✶✶

you were here

This is the perfect young adult story! Grief struck daredevil Jaycee is not coping well ever since her daredevil brother passed away. Jaycee discovers her brothers map detailing all of his unfinished dares and marks! Jaycee and four fellow classmates each with their own brand of dysfunction decide to go on an adventure and follow Jaycee’s brother’s map. What Jaycee does not expect is that her friends may just help Jaycee to reveal the parts of herself that she buried long ago with her brother.

Thanks to Netgalley I got to read this amazing well written story that shows the true life of teenagers today. I awarded this book five stars as I really enjoyed reading it and felt part of the gang, it also has a beautiful ending. The chapters are set out perfectly and clearly and I loved how each character had their own chapters and individual way to tell the story. You Were Here is an easy to read, fast paced story for you all to enjoy especially if you like young adult, romance, contemporary and adventure. Grief can be a funny old thing but let Jaycee take you on her adventure, you will not regret it! I highly recommend this is not a story I will be forgetting any time soon. Enjoy.