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*BLOG TOUR* Containment – Vanda Symon ★★★★

Blurb; Detective Constable Sam Shepard knows first-hand the desperation of the scavengers- she’s got the scars to prove it. Plus a skull in the sand. And a body pulled from the ocean. The undercurrents from one morning’s madness are far-reaching. Who else will be caught in the backwash? Can Sam stem the tide?

“This is a 300+ page cracker of a contemporary crime fiction novel set in and around Dunedin … A compelling whodunnit with all the usual twists and turns so loved by readers of the crime fiction genre… ”

My Review; Containment is book three in the Sam Shephard series. This is a series that just gets hotter and better with each book. Vanda has really upped the stakes in this one. Its tense. Edgy. Thilling and a real page turner. Can easily be read as a standalone. In this case Sam finds herself in a tricky position between work and personal life. She is involved with this case but not in the police way… In other ways.

The way Sam conducts herself in this case will have readers split at her decisions. Did she go above and beyond? Did she do the right thing? Should she have followed protocol? Was she selfish to do what she did? Did she break all the rules? I admit she did a lot she shouldn’t have legally… But it worked. Even if she did feel her bosses wrath. Didn’t like her boss at all, throwing his weight around, demanding what they do etc.

Brilliant story. Great case. Love Sams character and her little team. It’s not just all about the case we get a look into her personal life too and her relationship which broke up this case perfectly throughout. She is brave, determind and a strong woman who knows what she wants and how to get the answers she needs. Brilliantly written.

I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for us in book four. Really enjoyed reading this one. Four stars from me. Highly recommend. Clever case.

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crime · mystery · suspense

*BLOG TOUR* Three Perfect Liars – Heidi Perks ★★★★

Blurb; When a body is pulled out of an office fire, three women are first in line for questioning.
All of them have reasons for wanting revenge against the company’s CEO.

It could be Laura, who has returned to work to find that her maternity cover isn’t leaving. The CEO insists he’s doing what’s best for the company. Laura isn’t convinced he’s telling the truth.

Or there’s Mia. Brought in as temporary cover for Laura, she has quickly made herself indispensable – and popular with her colleagues. But if people knew why she was so desperate to keep her job, they might not welcome her so freely.

Then there’s Janie, wife to the CEO, who gave up her courtroom career to support her husband and his business. She has her own secret to protect – and will go to any length to keep it safe.

They never thought it would come to this.

My Review; Oh wow. This is going to be a hard one to review… I was literally drawn in from the first few pages. Hooked. Great opening. The story focuses around three female characters Mia, Laura and Janie who have all crossed paths. Not friends. Not enemies. But each aware of each other. Until they are forced together at the end. Who started the fire?

The story is set out perfectly where each character gets their own part throughout and within we learn alot about their characters, family and personal secrets and past. In between these chapters we have the interviewing of suspects over the fire which breaks it up perfectly. Brilliantly written. Clever plot. Unexpected outcome I would never have guessed. But just how do these women link together?

Towards the end the author has brought in a bit of love and sacrifice which I liked! But ends with a bit of DUN DUN DUN… Left for the reader to think what happens next. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend. Brilliant read.

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*BLOG TOUR* Mexico Street – Simone Buchholz ★★★★

Blurb; Night after night, cars are set alight across the German city of Hamburg, with no obvious pattern, no explanation and no suspect. Until, one night, on Mexico Street, a ghetto of high-rise blocks in the north of the city, a Fiat is torched. Only this car isn’t empty. The body of Nouri Saroukhan—prodigal son of the Bremen clan—is soon discovered, and the case becomes a homicide. Public prosecutor Chastity Riley is handed the investigation, which takes her deep into a criminal underground that snakes beneath the whole of Germany. And as details of Nouri’s background, including an illicit relationship with the mysterious Aliza, emerge, it becomes clear that these are not random attacks, and there are more on the cards.

My Review; Oh wow. I devoured this in a day. Brilliant! Beautifully translated by Rachel Ward. It’s a real page turner. This story is more than just a crime we get an indepth look into all the characters lives throughout so its more than just the case itself. I loved it! I would like to say a little bit of romance is within these pages too with more than one character… To put it perfectly it’s a unique story with it all!

Cars are burning but why? Who is doing this? Mexico Street takes a look into one of these cases where a body was trapped inside the burning car. Was it planned? Revenge? Who is the body?

I need the mention the ending.. No spoilers. At first I was like no, that’s not the end. Flicked through the rest of the pages acknowledgements etc. Then I had to accept it was the end. Then I was angry it just ended that suddenly and on a major cliffhanger. Then I was shouting WHAT HAPPENS NOW? WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? But I suppose you can class that as part of being a brilliant book huh?

Gripping, thrilling and fast pace I literally devoured it. Brilliant. I specifically loved Nouris and Alizas story. Bless them! Young love caught in a war. Ouch. I cannot recommend this book enough. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend.

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