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Hawk – James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet ★★★★★

Blurb; A story for a new generation of Maximum Ride fans! 17-year-old Hawk is growing up hard and fast in post-apocalyptic New York City . . . until a perilous destiny forces her to take flight.

Where is Maximum Ride?

Ten years ago a girl with wings fought to save the world. But then she disappeared.

Now she’s just a fading legend, remembered only in stories.

Hawk doesn’t know her real name. She doesn’t know who her family was, or where they went. The only thing she remembers is that she was told to wait on a specific street corner, at a specific time, until her parents came back for her.

She stays under the radar to survive…until a destiny that’s perilously close to Maximum Ride’s forces her to take flight. Someone is coming for her.

But it’s not a rescue mission.

It’s an execution. span.

My Review; As many of you will already know I am a huge James Patterson fan. I came upon this book but soon realised it was actually book ten in a series d’oh. Nevertheless I still read it and then ordered the whole series. Win. Win.

It was such a brilliant read! YA, Fantasy. A world I enjoyed far more than my own at the moment. I loved the majority of the characters especially the angel family. The story focuses on a girl known as hawk she has wings and she is an amazing, determined, strong and powerful character. Along the way she comes under attack, has to save her friends and ends up saving their part of the way to finish off.

I loved the whole setting/world. A perfect YA read which I devoured in less than 24 hours. Highly recommend. I fell inlove with it. I’ve gone back to the start of the series and currently reading book one. A well deserved five stars. I can see this series going into my top reads of the year. Brilliant. How didn’t I know about the series sooner?

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Sunday’s at Tiffany’s – James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet. ★★★★

Blurb; As a little girl, Jane has no one. Her mother, the powerful head of a Broadway theater company, has no time for her. She does have one friend-a handsome, comforting, funny man named Michael-but only she can see him.

Years later, Jane is in her thirties and just as alone as ever. Then she meets Michael again-as handsome, smart and perfect as she remembers him to be. But not even Michael knows the reason they’ve really been reunited.

SUNDAYS AT TIFFANY’S is a love story with an irresistible twist, a novel about the child inside all of us-and the boundary-crossing power of love.

My Review; As soon as I discovered James Patterson wrote some romance novels ofcourse I had to get them all and read them. They are little books of perfection to me. Uplifting. Happy. Full of love. Hopeful. Little love stories for my mind. All easy reads for myself with short chapters. I just love getting lost into their world, relationship and life in general.

This was another amazing story, different. This story focuses on the two main characters Jane and Michael. Michael started out as an ‘imaginary friend’ for Jane when she was younger to become the love of her life when she is older. How you ask? You’ll have to read it to find out. Amazing outcome. Different as I said above but it worked well for the story. A beautiful love story. Loved Janes character bless her. Loved it all!

Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me. Beautiful.

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Dystopian · thriller · Young adult

The Fall Of Crazy House – James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet ★★★★★

Blurb; Escape is just the beginning.

Twin sisters Becca and Cassie barely got out of the Crazy House alive. Now they’re trained, skilled fighters who fear nothing–not even the all-powerful United regime.

Together, the sisters hold the key to defeating the despotic government and freeing the people of the former United States. But to win this war, will the girls have to become the very thing they hate?

My Review; I absolutely loved book one of this (Crazy House) so this was a must read for me I needed to see what lay ahead! I was not disappointed. Absolutely loved it. Even better than the first one. More action. More death dodging. More fight. More skill. A brilliant story. A worthy ending. But is this the end? I would love to read more or see a third book.

Short chapters, devoured it. Brilliantly written. There’s just something that drew me to these two books that I absolutely loved. Something different. Set in the future. Loved the sisters Becca and Cassie both different yet oddly the same. Can’t be one without the other.

Highly recommend both books. Enjoyed them both. Miss them. A well deserved five stars from me.

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