chick-lit · Comedy · contemporary · romance

Do You Remember The First Time – Jenny Colgan ✶✶✶✶✶

do you remember the first time

Life doesn’t have a rewind button, but do you ever wish it did?
Flora’s wish is about to come true when at her best friends wedding she wishes to be sixteen again! Flora is returned to being a teenager at high school face with all kinds of teenager problems. But will Flora be able to mend all her previous mistakes or will she make it worse by returning to her past? You’ll have to read it in order to find out!

I awarded this story five stars as I really enjoyed it and it is written beautifully. Do you remember the first time is a brilliant short story (231 pages) for all readers to devour. It is easy to read and will take you back to your teenage years. This is a funny book, not a laugh out loud story but funny in the way she acts being transported back to a teenager. I would highly recommend this story to you all, it will be over before you know it! This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy a brilliant chick-lit, romance, comedy and contemporary genre. Do you remember the first time can also be found under the title The Boy I Loved Before… Guilty pleasure for me is Jenny Colgan. Enjoy, I did.