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*BLOG BLITZ* Malignant -Anita Waller ★★★★★

Blurb; What if someone set you limits?

Claudia and Heather have been friends and neighbours for many years and both women decide it is the right time for them to leave their husbands. Together they get a flat but their peace is short lived when Claudia is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Being a good friend, Heather takes on caring for Claudia but a lethal meeting with James, Claudia’s ex-husband, results in someone dying.

As life for Claudia and Heather begins to unravel, the answer to their problems becomes clear… it’s murder.

My Review; OMG. Here she goes again… Anita has smashed it! What a gorgeous cover and brilliant story. A big five stars for this story from me. A must buy. A must read. Highly recommend!

If that prologue doesn’t grab the reader I don’t know what will! What an opening… From the start I felt sorry for poor Claudia and Heather both dealing with lifes problems! You can tell they are both strong, focused and determined women who won’t be walked all over by any man. But life just seems to get worse and worse for these ladies when they least deserve it… Will they ever have a happy ending? Good news? Happily ever after?

I also learnt something from this book… All about the word Malignant! I just thought it was a fancy book title, ooops. Thrilling, gripping and it had me hooked. A real page turner of a story. Loved it.

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