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*BLOG TOUR* Turbulent Wake – Paul E. Hardisty ★★★★

Blurb; Ethan Scofield returns to the place of his birth to bury his father. Hidden in one of the upstairs rooms of the old man’s house he finds a strange manuscript, a collection of stories that seems to cover the whole of his father’s turbulent life.
As his own life starts to unravel, Ethan works his way through the manuscript, trying to find answers to the mysteries that have plagued him since he was a child. What happened to his little brother? Why was his mother taken from him? And why, in the end, when there was no one else left, did his own father push him away?
Swinging from the coral cays of the Caribbean to the dangerous deserts of Yemen and the wild rivers of Africa, Turbulent Wake is a bewitching, powerful and deeply moving story of love and loss … of the indelible damage we do to those closest to us and, ultimately, of the power of redemption in a time of change.

My Review; This is the first book I have read by this author so I cannot compare to his previous books, but this was bloody brilliant! Different. Unique. A breathe of fresh air from those everyday thrillers…

This book will take you on many different, amazing journeys. I learnt a lot from this book and feel like I’ve travelled beside Ethans father. We find a lot out about Ethan and his family through the short stories his father has written each very different. Eye opening. Beautifully written. I really enjoyed it. Makes you look at life with a new set of eyes.

The story told this way through short stories is unique but works well. Could easily have read it in one sitting if life didn’t get in the way. Very impressed. This story will be a tough one to forget.

I awarded a well deserved four stars. Highly recommend. I look forward to reading more by this author in the future.

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*BLOG TOUR* Call Me Star Girl – Louise Beech ★★★★★

Blurb; Tonight is the night for secrets…

Pregnant Victoria Valbon was brutally murdered in an alley three weeks ago – and her killer hasn’t been caught.

Tonight is Stella McKeever’s final radio show. The theme is secrets. You tell her yours, and she’ll share some of hers.

Stella might tell you about Tom, a boyfriend who likes to play games, about the mother who abandoned her, now back after twelve years. She might tell you about the perfume bottle with the star-shaped stopper, or about her father …

What Stella really wants to know is more about the mysterious man calling the station … who says he knows who killed Victoria, and has proof.

Tonight is the night for secrets, and Stella wants to know everything…

With echoes of the chilling Play Misty for Me, Call Me Star Girl is a taut, emotive and all-consuming psychological thriller that plays on our deepest fears, providing a stark reminder that stirring up dark secrets from the past can be deadly…

My Review; Oh. My. Gosh. This is my second book I have read by Louise and it did not disappoint me at all. It was bloody brilliant could easily have read it all in one sitting if life would have let me. It is a page turner of a read, didn’t want to put it down.

Call Me Star Girl is thrilling, haunting, chilling and full of suspense… Brilliantly written. I throughally enjoyed it. I loved how it was mostly set in a radio station, something different. I actually loved it all! Stella is one brave character. A must read for me.

I awarded a well deserved five stars and highly recommend. You will not be disappointed. Also going to have a spot in my top twenty reads of 2019. One that will be hard to forget!

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*BLOG TOUR* The Ringmaster – Vanda Symon ★★★★

Blurb; Marginalized by previous antics, Sam Shephard is on the bottom rung of detective training in Dunedin, and her boss makes sure she knows it. She gets involved in her first homicide investigation, when a university student is murdered in the Botanic Gardens, and Sam soon discovers this is not an isolated incident. There is a chilling prospect of a predator loose in Dunedin, and a very strong possibility that the deaths are linked to a visiting circus . . . Determined to find out who’s running the show, and to prove herself, Sam throws herself into an investigation that can have only one ending . . .

My Review; I am pleased to be one of the blogs kicking off day one of The Ringmaster blog tour. This is book two in the Sam Shephard series but reads well as a standalone with no spoilers to the first book (which I haven’t read yet but want to read asap). The cover is gorgeous, eye catching and relevant to the story.

I absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute of this story. I really lost myself into the case beside Sam the whole time. We get to see a lot of Sams personal life, family and friends alongside her professional/work life in this story which was lovely. I really felt for Sam at times throughout this story as she wasn’t haven’t the best of times personally while having to prove her worth, deal with her bully of a boss and help solve this case.

There is a part of this story I actually cried at. I won’t tell you which bit as if you’ve read this book you’ll probably know which part gave me a tear or two. My heart! Sam is a very clever, brave and determined character, I adored her.

The Ringmaster is a brilliantly written, easy to read story… The outcome to the case was so unexpected. Shocking. Jaw dropping. I could not believe it at all. After all that time. Very clever. Sneaky. Just wow.. You won’t be able to guess it at all. I didn’t. Still thinking about it now… Very impressed. I thought this story ended a bit suddenly after finding out the suspect but it was still a brilliant read.

I awarded a well deserved four stars. Highly recommend. I can’t wait to go back to book one and hopefully see more of this series in the future and where it leads Sams character next.

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