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The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner – Stephanie Meyer ✶✶✶

the short second life of bree tanner

This is the story of Bree she was first introduced in Stephanie’s Eclipse book. Bree is a newborn vampire and can barely remember her life before this. Bree lives with fellow newborns like herself but has found a friend within called Diego, who is just as carious as Bree to find out about their mysterious creator. As they come to realise they are all part of a large game they must choose a side and decide who to trust.

This is the ideal short (178 pages) story for readers who enjoy young adult, fantasy, romance and paranormal. Now, I awarded three stars to this book as I finished it in a few hours and personally did not see the point in this story and if you read my Twilight review you will know how much I loved Twilight. Do not get me wrong it is a well written, easy to read, fast book that will finished before you have started. But I personally think Stephanie just wanted to get something out to her fans and quick releasing this story, I was disappointed. Stephanie should have just left Twilight how it was. However, this will not put me off reading her title The Host when I have time, I just hope it will be miles better than this.

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The Twilight Series – Stephanie Meyer ✶✶✶✶✶

twilight series books

#1 Twilight
#2 New Moon
#3 Eclipse
#4 Breaking Dawn

Now, I will not be providing a description of these stories as I am 100% sure you will all have heard about Twilight in some way! But to describe it in four words would be vampires, wolves, love and fights. It does not matter, if you have only watched the films or just read the books it is one of those you either love or hate. I absolutely loved both the books and the films and was (still am) a massive fan.

If you have not heard about this series (I doubt it, but just to be safe) you need to check them out! I always read the books before watching the films but whatever you prefer. I devoured this series and really enjoyed it! I also love all the films and still watch them occasionally. I did not find this series easy to read but well worth it for the amazing stories! I fell in love with all the characters and the films adapted from the books perfectly. This is the ideal series for readers who enjoy young adult, bestsellers, romance, fantasy and paranormal! Nothing has lived up to this vampire series yet. I will NEVER forget this series for the rest of my life, it is outstanding. Enjoy.