fantasy · mystery

The Dreams of the Black Butterfly – Mark Barrett ✶✶

dreams of the black butterfly

Moises has heard the whispered rumours about the Black Butterfly…
So he searches, not for the one million nuevo sol offered for its capture by Mr Dollie, but for the elegant writing embedded in its wings and the stories it contains for him to read.
When the butterfly finally submits the danger that Moises finds himself in pales into insignificance against the fate of humanity itself. The Black Butterfly has chosen him to deliver its message and the future of mankind is in his hands…
Mans imagination will be nature’s revenge.

I am sad to report that I did not enjoy this book at all I’m afraid. It was easy to read but I did not understand the story at all and found it very confusing and glad that I finished it. I hate writing reviews like this but I have to be honest, maybe it just wasn’t to my taste or I’m not clever enough to understand it. This story made me feel like I’d taken a lot of drugs went on a wild trip and when I finished I woke up! Not a story I would recommend unfortunately, but feel free to look it up and see what you think! If you’ve already read this story and understood it please feel free to tell me all about it (intrigued).