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The Girl in the Castle – James Patterson & Emily Raymond ★★★★★

Blurb: Beloved #1 bestselling authors James Patterson and Emily Raymond deliver a thrilling novel about a teen caught between two worlds and the truths that could set her free—or trap her forever.

My name is Hannah Dory and I need you to believe me

NOW: Hannah is brought to Belman Psych, told she is suffering from hallucinations and delusions. Hannah knows the truth: she must return to the past and save her sister. Could Jordan, the abnormal psych student who seems to truly care, be the answer she’s looking for?

1347: Hannah and her village are starving to death in a brutal winter. Hannah seeks out food and salvation in the baron’s castle. If she is caught stealing, she will surely hang. But if she and her friends succeed, she’ll save everyone she holds dear.

NOW: Jordan isn’t sure what to believe, and Hannah has even bigger problems: if she doesn’t make it back, her sister will die, but if she keeps going back, she might never escape.

My Review; As you should all know by now James Patterson is one of my favourite authors. I love his writing style and short chapters but all his stories (I can’t keep up) have been brilliant so far. This was no exception. Devoured this in just over a day. Brilliant captivating read that I didn’t want to put down. I needed answers I wanted to know the whole outcome and the ending. Set on a psych unit my character Hannah is stuck between the real world and a world she travels too in the past that seems very real to her (Note the psych ward bit). Brilliant. flicks between both worlds and give a great look into life on a psych ward. Will anyone be able to crack Hannahs case? I really felt for her I did. I was hooked. Highly recommend. A well deserved five stars. One that will be hard to forget.

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