The Accidental Prime Minister Returns – Tom McLaughlin ★★★★

Blurb; In the Accidental Prime Minister, Joe Perkins was trying to save his local park when he accidentally ended up being Prime Minster.

In this hilarious sequel, Joe is back. The people need someone to remind them about the good things in life; about how we can all come together to make the world a better place.

Where there is grumpiness, may we bring giggles, where there is jelly, may we bring ice-cream, and where there are chairs, may we bring whoopee cushions!

Joe Perkins, first kid PM, is back and ready to make politics fun again

My Review; This is book two in the Accidental Prime Minister set but it read perfectly fine as a Standalone. There is a whole Accidental series and a whole range of jobs and accidents to enjoy. Perfect for fans of David Walliams. Children will love this whole new world where they as children are in charge for a change instead of us adults.

In this book we see Joe as the Prime Minister (PM) running the country. However it soon becomes apparent he should not be the PM. Which leads us to a debate and election… This story is actually really good for letting children get a glimpse into politics, elections and voting etc. It also highlights that with power comes great responsibility and sometimes that can turn people evil & nasty.

A brilliant read. I loved how at the end the author gives us two different endings and then asks the reader which one they preferred so it’s a very engaging read. Illustrated throughout beautiful. I enjoyed it and I’m 26. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars.

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