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Hades Academy: First Semester – Abbie Lyons ★★★★

Blurb; I thought I could survive anything—until I met actual demons.

Ever since my mother disappeared, I’d been fending for myself on the streets of New York by running scams—anything to get a dollar.

So when I almost lightning-blast my latest victim (WTF), and some guy in a slick suit saves me from the cops by telling me I’m half-demon (double WTF) and I belong at a place literally called Hades Academy? I figured I was the one getting scammed.

But no.

My name is Nova Donovan, and I’m half-demon.

Next thing I know, I’m flying in a horse-drawn carriage on my way to a place I didn’t even know existed until twenty minutes before. Hades Academy is 100% real: a school for demons to learn the magic that will keep the forces of Chaos at bay.

But if I thought survival at Hades Academy was going to be any easier, I could not have been more wrong. Now I have to deal with tough new classes, a bitchy mean girl who hates my half-human guts, and the attention of several hot but dangerous dudes.

Oh, and did I mention that someone’s trying to destroy the school?

Yeah—survival’s going to take more than I thought.

Hades Academy: First Semester is a magic academy NA paranormal fantasy novel with a slow-burn romance and a kickass heroine. Although there are love triangles, this is NOT a reverse harem. Rated 18+ for strong language.

My Review; Literally finished this a day before I gave birth to baby #3. It is book one in a series which is free on Kindle Unlimited for the whole series so I thought I would give it a try. I really enjoyed it. Weirdly it’s like Harry Potter but for demons instead of witches/wizards. The story focuses on main character Nova who has to learn everything from scratch and enter this new world far from her old one. Along the way she has a few boys and a hot teacher. But then the school comes under threat and Nova finds herself involved. Will she manage to stick out her first semester? I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for Nova in this series. YA/Fantasy. Is 18+ due to language according to Amazon. But I liked it. Something different and not to long either. A well deserved four stars.

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The Catastrophic Friendship Fails of Lottie Brooks – Katie Kirby ★★★★

Blurb; The hilarious new sequel to The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks by the bestselling creator of Hurrah for Gin.

Lottie Brooks is back for spring term at secondary school and ready to face anything. No more trying to impress mean girl Amber. And absolutely no more being nicknamed Cucumber Girl.

A lead role in the spring musical gives Lottie a chance to dazzle her mega-crush Daniel with her talent as a singing crab but it’s not all singing and dancing at Kingswood High. Lottie’s friendship with Molly and Jess seems to be falling apart no matter how hard she tries to keep her BFFs together.

Is Lottie on track for another epic friendship fail?

My Review; Yes this is a children’s/YA book but one that reminds me of similar books I use to read myself as a child. It is set in diary format with plenty of drawings and doodles throughout. This is book two and I didn’t read book one but it still read fine as a Standalone. Parts had me laughing out loud. In this story we meet Lottie through her diary and everything is included. I mean everything.

Her new baby. Family. Friends. High school. Crushes. Her pets. Her school play. Fall outs. Jealousy. Parties. Chocolate. Periods. Its a coming of age story with all the ups and downs included. An easy read but a long one at 450 pages long. I enjoyed it took me back to books I read when I was younger and experiencing everything she did. She’s a very likeable character. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me.

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City of the Dead – James Patterson & Mindy McGinnis ★★★★

Blurb; Hawk, the daughter of Maximum Ride, teams with her mother up to help save their beloved but dangerous city in this action-packed thriller.

For Hawk, being a hero weighs heavily on her wings. 

In the City of the Dead, life happens in the shadows. That’s why a war is brewing against an enemy no one can see. 

Hawk and Maximum Ride never back down from a conflict, or from each other, and they argue more than they agree.

But as the dead begin to outnumber the living, a mother’s experience and a daughter’s instinct can make one powerful arsenal. 

My Review; I absolutely love this series and their world, I hope it never ends. City of the Dead is book two in the Hawk series a spin off from the maximum ride series. All best read in order to make yourself familiar with the characters and their lives etc. An easy read, short chapters.

Again we are back with Hawk (Maximum rides daughter) but this time there is a plaque ongoing and her and her hybrid creatures are being blamed for bringing the virus to humans when that is not the case. (I do wonder where this idea came from hmmm. Maybe covid? As its his newest release? Anyway…) this soon leads to war human VS hybrids. With the help of her parents and others surely they’ll survive? Fix it? Reveal the truth? You’ll have to read it to find out. Fast paced. Page turner. War. Survival.

There’s one character in this book who started the rumour that hybrids where at fault for the virus and she is evil, nasty and wants to control the city. Did not like her at all. But with Hawk, her orphans and her parents flock coming to help surely they can beat anyone and anything together. Another brilliant read. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me.

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