Upcoming BLOG TOURS.


11th; Breakers

17th; Hitman Sam – Morgen Bailey

17th; Bakery at the duck pond cafe

22nd; Juilet the maniac

22nd; Worst Case Scenario

23rd; Kingsbane – Claire Legrand

30th; The Brotherhood – Jo Fenton

30th; The Refuge – Jo Fenton

31st The Dinner in the Sky – Anne John-Ligali


5th; The Child Before – Michael Scanlon

24; The Spider – Chris Mcgeorge


2nd; A Summer escape and strawberry cake at the cosy kettle – Liz Eeles

5th; The Liars House; Carla Kovach

5th; Fugitive 13 – Rob Sinclair

8th; The Friendship Pact; Alison James