Short Stories · Young adult

*BLOG TOUR* Hunted – Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk ★★★★

Blurb; On the hundredth anniversary of being turned into a vampire, Edith joins her adopted daughters and their friends at the Heartsong Clan’s annual “vampires vs humans” LARP recruitment event where she meets an eager Dan Paxton. Dan’s older brother and vampire hunter, Darren, thinks he is merely chaperoning a trip to a nerd convention, but when Darren discovers Dan missing, he follows the only lead he has to the Heartsong Clan’s residence on Tombstone Row. He’s determined to keep his Hunter instincts in check, rescue his brother, and make a clean escape. When an impromptu late-night encounter leads Darren and Edith to be honest with each other about who and what each of them are, Edith longs to keep Darren and his brother close, even though it goes against Clan rules. The two start to grow closer as they seek out the truth from Edith’s Sire, Mr. Heartsong, and soon Darren is finding it harder than he thought to snuff out Edith and her family.

My Review; Anything to do with vampires and I am in. This starts off fairly innocent with its upfront at an event being a vampire vs human game. What it actually is… Is a weekend to learn about real vampires and a recruit to turn more vampires. But it soon goes horribly wrong with vampire hunters coming onto the scene. A battle. Deaths. Who will win?

A shortish read which I really enjoyed. I do believe this is book one in a trilogy and does end with a kind of cliffhanger so I can’t wait to see what happens in book two. Perfect YA, vampire vs human story. A beautiful cover too, eye catching. Highly recommend. Brilliantly written. A well deserved four stars from me.

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chick-lit · romance

*BLOG TOUR* Sweet Pastries & Sourdough – Rosie Green ★★★★

Blurb; Ellie’s brand new enterprise, the True Loaf Bakery, is finally open and classes are due to start. But when Katja’s ski-ing holiday ends in disaster, a new teacher must be found very quickly. Anita is up for the challenge, but – fresh from a break-up and an operation that’s left her feeling physically and emotionally vulnerable – the last thing she’s looking for when she moves to Sunnybrook is a new relationship. So it’s Sod’s law that she should find herself with not one but two guys vying for her attention. Sven, from Denmark, is a bit of an enigma – but maybe passion lurks beneath his cool reserve? And as for twenty-five-year-old football coach Ross – surely she’d be asking for trouble getting involved with a gorgeous man a decade her junior? (Although her football-mad son Rufus seems to love him.)
Moving in with Bertha proves a real comfort – but can Anita get to the bottom of what’s troubling the older woman?
Anita’s job at the True Loaf Bakery is only temporary, but she finds herself drawn ever deeper into life in the village – especially when she finds a child’s bracelet from long ago, in the rubble of the newly-renovated building. Solving the mystery of who it belongs to takes Anita on a journey of discovery – a journey that might just help her discover what her own heart really needs…

My Review; I absolutely love anything to do with this series and this did not disappoint me at all. They’re so cosy and happy. It feels like coming home everytime I pop back into this town. Every book including this one is full of community spirit, friendships, families, romance and happiness. Happy endings for all. Perfect chick-lit reading. Uplifting.

I loved it all. Such a beautiful outcome for many characters. I devoured this. Love the little town. All the characters. Parts had me laughing me out. Parts had me hungry with all the cooking within the story. It does highlight the importance that all families are different and that life goes on after The menopause. Also that relationships can survive any amount of time. Beautifully written. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend. Very spring vibes from the cover – gorgeous.

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crime · suspense · thriller · War

*BLOG TOUR* Amalie – E.J. Wood ★★★★


It’s not wise to murder the family of a budding assassin. Created by Auschwitz, her skill is honed by revenge.

A very different type of serial killer is loose in 1950s Europe. In Britain, a Brotherhood of powerful men takes notice and enhances the expertise and artistry of a killer.

DCI John Owen was born to serve. Recruited by MI6, he tracks an accomplished executioner whose love of luxury and the arts is second only to the love of watching an early death come to those who truly deserve it.

Join the chase. Then ask yourself…
Can there ever be only one winner?

My Review; From the opening of this book I was hooked, intrigued and drawn in. We see Amalie grow up and what she faces along the way to turn her into the person she has become today. How she survived Auschwitz, lost her family and became a woman not to be messed with, a woman to be feared.

It was a very interesting read. A lot of history within the pages and I learnt a lot from this book. You can tell the author has put a lot of research and time into this book and its paid off. I absolutely loved this book. I loved what Amalie stood her ground for I was team Amalie the whole time. I understand why she is the way she is. After all she’s been through. A powerful, strong and determined character.

A brilliant read. Addictive. It left an open ending for me and I would love to see more from Amalie. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me.

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