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Burned – Thomas Enger ★★★★★

Blurb; Uncovering class divisions, racial conflicts, and tangled emotions, this gritty, shocking novel of suspense heralds the arrival of a major new talent.

Henning Juul is a veteran investigative crime reporter in Oslo, Norway. A horrific fire killed his six-year-old son, cut scars across his face, and ended his marriage, and on his first day back at the job after the terrible tragedy a body is discovered in one of the city’s public parks. A beautiful female college student has been stoned to death and buried up to her neck, her body left bloody and exposed. The brutality of the crime shakes the whole country, but despite his own recent trauma – and the fact that his ex-wife’s new boyfriend is also on the case – Henning is given the assignment. When the victim’s boyfriend, a Pakistani native, is arrested, Henning feels certain the man is innocent. This was not simply a Middle Eastern-style honor killing in the face of adultery – it was a far more complicated gesture, and one that will drag Henning into a darkness he’s never dreamed of.

My Review; Burned is book number one in the Henning Juul series. I stupidly read book five first so have decided to start from book one now! There is just something different and something I love about this series. It’s addictive.

Burned is a great first story to the series and introduces all the characters perfectly alongside a thrilling mystery of what really happened to Henriette? I must admit I have spoiled some aspects of the book already as I read book five first but it still had me hooked and plenty to keep me guessing and engaged! This is why you read series’s IN ORDER!!

Henning is a journalist for an online newspaper and is facing his own personal issues/demons while returning back to work after 2 years. However, he would make a brilliant detective rather than a journalist! I did also not expect that outcome of the whole case/mystery either. Brilliant.

Burned is a fast paced, easy to read story that can easily be devoured and contains short chapters. A very cleverly researched and planned out story. A well deserved five stars from me and I would totally recommend this series to you all so far. I’m off to dive into book two now (Pierced).

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