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Acolyte – Chris Tetreault-Blay ✶✶✶✶


Wildermoor 2011:
Meet Colin Dexter a man plagued by visions of a monster. He turns to a priest for help but the priest is not who he seems.
Wildermoor 1684:
An old man hunts for his daughter Evelyn, who was abducted in the middle of the night.
Wildermoor 2002:
Detective Truman’s life is turned upside down when Dexler makes a fatal decision.
What connects these people over hundreds of years? Who will unlock the secret? Who will unlock the secret? Something is coming. Something big. And light must face darkness.
The end is just the beginning…

Acolyte is the first book in the Wildermoor Apocalypse trilogy.
A big thanks to TBC and the author for allowing me a copy in exchange for an honest review. I awarded four stars as I found it took me a while to get into the story and get use to the switching between the years throughout. I also found that I had to concentrate throughout this story otherwise I would miss a part that was major for the plot. BUT once I got into the story I could not stop reading. I devoured this story in 2 days and really enjoyed it, its very different from what I would usually read but surprisingly I loved it. It is written well, fast paced and i found it addictive. Parts were a bit ‘brutal’ with very descriptive horror parts that I found grim but that to me is what makes a horror GREAT! I just thought I would warn you. Anything I did find confusing was cleared up by the ending which explained all and finished on a cliffhanger (dun, dun, dun..) But I get the pleasure to now read the second story (and review) in the trilogy which I am going to dive into right away… Would highly recommend this trilogy so far.

Acolyte is perfect for readers who enjoy a spooky suspense, mystery, fantasy and horror. I would recommend to read it in day light though and not alone in bed at night, I didn’t risk that one this time. Enjoy, I did.

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