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Looking For Alaska – John Green ✶✶✶✶✶

looking for alaska

This is the story of Miles and Alaska and what happened when they were both at Culver Creek Boarding School! Alaska is clever, funny, sexy, screwed-up and fascinating. Sounds like a normal teenager right? But when she pulls Miles into her world how will he cope? Will she steal his heart? Will they fall in love? Nothing will ever be the same again with Alaska in your life.

Now, I will admit this is one of John Green’s better books and many readers agree! Like all of John Green’s stories it is an easy to read and beautifully written story that I would recommend to you all especially if you enjoy the young adult, teen, mystery and romance genre’s. John Green really does invent some wierd and wonderful characters throughout all of his stories and has written some beautiful chapters and quotes throughout. I would urge you to read all of his books but put this one first! It will not disappoint you.

5 thoughts on “Looking For Alaska – John Green ✶✶✶✶✶

  1. You don’t have to accept this comment, but did you mean that it will ‘not’ disappoint you? Sorry if that is not what you meant. Otherwise, I thought Looking for Alaska was one of John Green’s better books too! x

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  2. I started reading this book a year ago, I’ve become so bored of it already that I no longer have the power to pick the book back up. Does it get better?


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