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Afterwards – Rosamund Lupton ✶✶✶✶

afterwards rosamund lupton

Afterwards is a must read if you have read Sister by Rosamund Lupton! The school is on fire and they are in there, they are! One mother (Grace) see’s the smoke and knows her daughter Jenny is inside, without question Grace runs into the school to rescue Jenny. But is Jenny the only one left in the school? Or are more people stuck in the school fire? After the fire Grace makes it her mission to find and identify the arsonist and protect her children from the person who is still trying to destroy them all. Will Grace succeed? Or will the arsonist win? That is for you to find out if you decide to read this book.

I awarded Afterwards four stars as I found the plot was very similar to that she had written in Sister! This book did now wow me away either like Sister did however, I did find it a good read. Afterwards is a book I still enjoyed and will not forget. This is another brilliantly written, easy to read, fast paced story with many twists and turns for you to endure. This would make the perfect read for readers who enjoy mystery’s, thriller’s, crime and suspense. I would recommend it to you all but do not expect anything outstanding, to me personally it was just another good story to keep me going. This has not put me off reading any of her other books, but personally I found Sister was better.

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