horror · mystery · paranormal · suspense · thriller

The Sleep Room – F.R Tallis ✶✶✶✶✶

the sleep room

When Jame Richardson is offered a job at Wyldehope Hall by Dr Hugh Maitland he is thrilled but does not know what lies ahead for him is terrifying. One of James’s duties is to manage a ward full of disturbed patients who are kept asleep for months. As James settles into his new life all is not as it seems! The nurses are always on edge and noone is discussing any of the patients lives. When all the patients start dreaming at the same time what does it mean? In this reinvented ghost story James finds himself uncovering the shocking secrets within the sleep room. Do you dare to enter the sleep room for yourself?


Through looking at reviews it seems this is an average three star read, I awarded five stars as I really enjoyed this easy to read, fast paced story. I was hooked throughout and found parts very strange and scary. The Sleep Room is an outstanding read that is very creepy, entertaining and compelling and is a real page turner that will keep you reading until the end. This is the perfect story for readers who enjoy horror, thriller, mystery, suspense and paranormal genre’s. Enjoy, you will either love it or hate it… Welcome to The Sleep Room…

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