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Stalker (#5 Joona Linna) – Lars Kepler ✶✶✶✶

stalker lars kepnes.jpg

The police receive a short film of a woman in a window, the person filming is obviously stood outside her house! The next day the woman is dead. A few days later another short film is sent to the police. The police know that they need to identify the woman before she falls victim to a brutal attack and death! Criminal psychiatrist Erik Bark is called in to hypnotise a vital witness with short term memory loss to uncover the truth of the crime scene. However, what Erik starts to uncover makes him start lying to the police…
It is clear that this case cannot be solved without the help of Joona Linna, the man who has been missing for a year and is presumed dead.

Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this story! I awarded Stalker four stars as I found it a long read (139 chapters), and one I had to concentrate on. Stalker is the fifth book in the Joona Linna series which I only found out after reading it, but I still enjoyed it as a standalone. It is easy to read and cleverly written which short chapters and the story does contain parts some viewers may find gory. However, for me personally it was just too long. Finding out about the series it makes sense to read the series in order which is why some parts I did not understand, but reading them in order would have made the story much more clearer for myself. Stalker is gripping and fast paced in parts especially towards the end but I found some parts dragged. This is one of those stories where the outcome makes you shocked and is totally unexpected. Stalker is the perfect book for readers who enjoy a good thriller, crime, mystery, suspense, horror and killed filled story. However, read the series in order and don’t make the mistake I made! Enjoy.


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