chick-lit · contemporary · romance · Young adult

Nina is not OK -Shappi Khorsandi✶✶✶✶


Nina does not have a drinking problem. She likes a drink, sure. But what 17-year-old doesn’t? Nina’s mum isn’t so sure. But she’s busy with her new husband and five year old Katie. And Nina’s almost an adult after all. And if Nina sometimes wakes up with little memory of what happened the night before, then her friends are all too happy to fill in the blanks. Nina’s drunken exploits are the stuff of college legend.
But then one dark Sunday morning, even her friends can’t help piece together Saturday night. All Nina feels is a deep sense of shame, that something very bad has happened to her…

I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this story thanks to Netgalley. Wow. I really enjoyed this story. Remember when you was a teenager/young adult and you would sneak out to parties or to the park for a drink with your friends? Well Nina is like that but WORSE. This story starts off as the perfect chick-lit story with a hint of comedy throughout, but then it twists into a serious story containing rape and alcoholism. I’ve mentioned this as it may not be everyone’s ideal story to read due to their own personal circumstances. Other than that I enjoyed this story and found it easy to read! I awarded four stars as I did enjoy it but it didn’t wow me away like some books I have read this year. In parts I could relate to Nina myself as I wasn’t the perfect teenager but parts brought back some funny memories. But within this story is a powerful message about love, loss and alcohol. I would highly recommend you read this story if it sounds like your kind of story and I can assure you it is written well. I loved all the characters and the settings. Brilliant.

Nina is NOT OK is the perfect story for readers who enjoy a great chick-lit, contemporary and young adult story with a hint of romance within. Enjoy, I did.


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